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Viagra Pills in Australia

Buy Viagra Pills in Australia

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Erectile dysfunction, impotence, is the inability to erect or maintain to satisfy sexual activity. Erectile dysfunction is different from other sexual problems, such as violations of ejaculation or decreased libido. Erectile dysfunction varies according to the severity of the symptoms. Some men have no ability to erections, the others can be fickle, and the other is only a short chubby. Although erectile dysfunction can occur at any age, it is most common in men of mature age, and less frequently in young men. After 45 years, most men in Australia at least once experienced the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. According to studies in men 40 years of age impotence occurs in 5% and aged 70 years and older 15%. How does an erection? Erection begins with sexual stimulation. It can be a tactile or mental. As a result of this stimulation to the nerves of the penis formed impulses. As a result of the transfer of these impulses to the muscles of the penis to prevent blood from reentering over shrinking and veins, muscles of corpora cavernosa relaxes the muscles and they are filled with blood. There are two reason why older men with erectile dysfunction are more common than young. First, older men were more likely to suffer from vascular disease (such as angina, strokes, diabetes and hypertension, arteriosclerosis). Secondly, the aging process itself influences the development of erectile dysfunction due to violations of the elasticity of the corpora cavernosa, and may reduce the concentration in the tissues of the penis of nitric oxide. Noted that male patients with diabetes mellitus erectile dysfunction occurs in 10-15 years before, compared with healthy. This is because the earlier manifestations of phenomena of atherosclerosis of the vessels. Diabetes mellitus is a violation of the nervous system in the form of diabetic neuropathy. All this is a very important factor in the development of erectile dysfunction, which is the cause of vascular disease. For the treatment of erectile dysfunction in Australia for many years used medication Viagra. This is the first and most used medicine in Australia. Buy cheap generic Viagra in Australia quickly.